Podiatric Clinic in Saltillo, Coahuila.

An example of growth despite the obstacles of the pandemic: over 95% increase in the acquisition of high-quality prospects.



iufeet is a podiatry clinic offering products and services located in the city of Saltillo, Coahuila. We have been collaborating with them since March 2020. At the beginning of the project, the company had only 126 prospects in its database, and the global COVID-19 pandemic threatened to reduce growth opportunities. However, just one year into the development of our digital marketing strategy, we have managed to add more than 2,500 prospects to their database and counting. We also built an online store for their products, and due to the demand, the company was able to open its second branch in the city.


The strategy we initially developed for iufeet primarily consisted of launching advertising campaigns on social media and email marketing. Currently, we run one social media marketing campaign per week, creating valuable content for the market, which in this case involves audiovisual material such as video clips that pique consumer interest. At present, we attract between 20 and 50 (or more) new prospects every week, without the need for constant promotions or discounts. In addition to this social media campaign, we conduct email marketing efforts in two-week intervals.