Nicholas Plastics From México

Plastic Injection and Extrusion

We increased the number of generated prospects by 40% in less than 5 months, resulting in higher sales.



Nicholas Plastics de México is an industrial B2B company specializing in plastic injection and extrusion. At that time, they had a website and an advertising agreement with a classifieds website, as well as display campaigns on Google Ads. However, while these ads generated traffic to the website, the conversions were of very low quality, as the results were not reflected in sales.


To address this issue, we decided to restructure the website to improve SEO. Additionally, we performed technical configuration of a dedicated website specifically designed to receive Google Ads traffic. Currently, we have a similar percentage of traffic compared to the start of the project. However, the quality of conversions and generated prospects increased by 40% (quote requests) in less than 5 months.

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